Old Barn IT can help you make the most from your computer equipment.

Old Barn IT is a computer support business based in the Eastbourne area, so if you need local support, from a genuinely local computer specialist, call Colin on 01323 507013.

Totally independent, Colin can provide advice and support on a wide range of computer equipment from numerous manufacturers.

Through Old Barn IT,  the following services are available for both individuals and company’s :

Computer Repairs

Most types of computer hardware problems can be taken on, either on-site or in the workshop. All hardware repairs are guaranteed for three months, and any new parts fitted will have twelve months warranty.

There is no “no fix, no fee” system, as run by many computer companies (all computer problems can be fixed if you throw enough money at them!). Instead, Old Barn IT provide a fault evaluation service, which includes one hour of labour. If it can be fixed within that time and without using parts, it will be, otherwise you’ll receive a recommendation and pricing for the appropriate course of action, whether that be a repair or replacement.

Software Troubleshooting

The most common problems with modern computers, are caused by software corruption. Improper shutdowns, general protection faults and system errors are both symptoms and causes of software faults.

With many years of experience, Old Barn IT will help solve your software headaches!

Troubleshooting can be undertaken either on-site, or in the workshop. Work performed on-site will attract an hourly charge, whereas workshop time is only charged for the time actually spent working on your equipment (e.g. you won’t be charged you for the two hours machine time taken to run a complete anti-virus scan, you are only charged for the time taken to set the scan going and to fix any problems found). 

Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses and malware are a major headache if your computer catches one, but how can you tell if you have a virus, or if the computer is just misbehaving?

Old Barn IT  provide a virus removal service, whereby a full system scan will be performed, and any nasties will be removed. This is backed up by advice and support on choosing and using appropriate anti-virus / security software to minimise any future risk of exposure.

If the problem you have turns out to be software or hardware related rather than a virus, we can fix those faults too!

Internet Access Set Up and Troubleshooting

New internet connections can be set up, existing ones converted from dial-up to broadband, and troublesome ones fixed.

There aren’t many internet related problems we haven’t come across, so we can almost certainly fix any fault you may have.

Computer System Installation

If you are buying or have bought a new computer and require assistance setting it up, we can help.

We can perform system backups and data transfers to ensure your important information makes the transition from your old computer to the new one. Internet connections and email accounts can be moved from PC to PC, and peripheral equipment and devices reinstalled.


We can design and install new computer networks, and extend existing ones, using both wired and wireless solutions. Old Barn IT also troubleshoot and fix networking problems. Wifi troubleshooting is a speciality!

Computer networks are no longer just for businesses. Small home networks can be installed to allow shared access to valuable resources such as internet and printers.

Since all requirements and environments are different, we would need to undertake a site survey prior to providing a quote. Site surveys are charged for at an hourly rate, but this is refunded if you instruct Old Barn IT to go ahead with installation.

Computer Training

Training is available in your own home or office, on your own equipment. Sessions can be tailored to your own requirements, and are flexible so you can learn how to make the most out of your own computer equipment.